High Quality, Reliable Webcasting

Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.’s Webcasting application enables your organization to deliver audio and video content to any conference room, office or desktop for a truly limitless reach. Webcasting allows you to communicate more effectively with your employees and reach a larger audience at a lower cost.

With Resolve’s Webcasting services you will enjoy the benefits of delivering a more engaging message through audio and video. You will improve both internal and external communications resulting in increased productivity while reducing your footprint.

Transform your communication content into a reusable and portable resource. Information can remain current, updated and posted on your website allowing your global audience to access the information at a convenient time from a convenient location. Improve decision making and customer service with increased availability of relevant and accurate information.

Eliminate overhead and travel costs associated with the physical constraints of traditional communication methods. With a low cost of entry and cost effective broadcast rates webcasting will become an integral part
of your communications strategy.

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