Video Conferencing You Have to
See to Believe

For some meetings, an audio connection just isn’t enough. You need to meet face-to-face, look over documents, and share ideas, all at a moment’s notice. For those meetings Resolve Collaboration offers SeeVogh Video Conferencing.

With our service, you can host everyday meetings such as company-wide announcements, virtual training sessions, employee interviews, and team meetings, without ever leaving your desk. This kind of convenience saves you time travelling and money. For less than the price of a latte per day, you can meet multiple colleagues and clients around the globe, and desktop share and chat face-to-face from your office chair.

Your participants will love it too because they don’t need any special software or hardware. All that is required is a standard webcam. That’s it. Then they can log-on, navigate and chat easily with our extremely intuitive platform.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?
  • Saved Money - Reduce costs associated with travelling between meetings
  • Increased Productivity - Less time spent traveling, means more time for more important things
  • Going Green - Lower carbon emissions... Every bit helps!
  • Accessibility - No expensive hardware to buy; any webcam will do!

Resolve Collaboration Makes the Difference
  • HD Video Display - Enjoy high-definition 1080p video quality
  • On-demand - Launch a conference any day any time, no reservation required
  • Desktop Streaming - Share documents, web pages and computer program displays while you meet
  • Text Chat - Public and private text chat for instant group messaging, or individual messaging
  • Complete Support - We provide end-to-end client support including weekly training, live support and concise “how to” guides at no additional cost