Save time, money and the environment

Our service is worldwide! Through use of our global partner network, we provide access to thousands of public and private videoconference facilities in every major city around the world. Each location has been tested and certified to meet our operational standards of excellence.

Resolve believes in environmental responsibility. Using our videoconference network, you save time, money, carbon emissions, and natural resource consumption helping lower your carbon footprint. The superior quality
of our technology eliminates the need for long distance travel and flights.

To accommodate the pace of your business, all our centres are available 24 hours a day. When it has to happen fast and professionally, our reservation team can work to bring together meetings on short notice. Whether you need your meeting the same day or the next day, our team has the resources and ability to make it happen.

You can enhance the productivity and reach of your meetings, as all of our centres are fully outfitted to support
live webcasting and digital recording.

In cities where no public room exists, Resolve can search our international database of private and semi-private rooms to give you access to facilities not normally available to the public.

Call today and start meeting simply and easily from across the country to the other side of the world.