Perfect Meetings is business video communicating at its best here, there and everywhere

From corporate Technical Managers to Senior Sales Execs and C-Level Officers, leaders all agree on the benefits of Perfect Meetings. As the industry's only Complete Business Video Communicating System, PerfectMeetings enables video communicating from boardroom and conference rooms to desktops to notebooks for video communicating across the office, across town, across the country or across the ocean.

PerfectMeetings is the only all-in-one, stand-alone video communicating system that can also be integrated with your existing video system and programs.


• Connects your boardroom or conference room to desktops regardless of your current system.
• Connects your boardroom or conference room to desktops and notebooks, no matter where they might be
• More effective meetings all attendees, regardless of their location, see, hear and interact together
• Support Green and reduce costs build a videoworker program for video commuting via PerfectMeetings.
• Exclusive PerfectMeetings. Extranet site for monitoring activity, tracking usage, training and troubleshooting
• 24/7 help desk
• PerfectMeetings here, there and everywhere

PerfectMeetings™ Hosted Video Services - Overview

PerfectMeetings™ Video Service is a remotely hosted service delivered by Resolve Collaboration Services Corp. There are 2 primary components to the PMV service;
1. Endpoint Bridging,
2. Web based desktop bridging.

Video Endpoint Bridging

• Unlimited Multi-point Conferencing (reservation-less)
• Bridging with Web based desktop clients
• Video + Presentation Support
• Continuous Presence and Voice Activated Layouts
• AES Encryption

Web based desktop bridging

• Unlimited Multi-point Conferencing
• Bridging with H.323/H.320 endpoints
• Incorporates power point from the Desktop or via H.239 from an endpoint
• Supports Continuous Presence (2x2, 3x3), Voice Activated switching, and Lecture Mode, AES encryption, and Conference Control

Single Event Hosting

• Conference scheduling and notification
• Pre-conference video endpoint certification
• Pre-conference presentation upload (if necessary)
• Up to 10 H.323, H.320 or Web based desktop client connections
• Live support via chat or toll free dial

Technical Specifications

Logitech Webcam (recommended Camera)
Processor Memory
Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz 256 MB RAM

Microsoft Webcam
Processor: Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM

NOTE: If using a different manufacturer’s webcam, check for its minimum PC requirements.

Recommended Headsets

Logitech Premium USB Headset 350
Logitech ClearChat Style

Required Software

1. Windows XP, Vista operating system, Macintosh OS X 10
Internet Explorer browser version 6 or above (, Firefox browser 2.0 or higher (, or Safari browser 3.1.1 or higher (
2. Windows Media Player version 9 or above (
3. Java (

Supported Networks

Service supports network connectivity from

PerfectMeetings desktop video client over public IP
H.323 video systems over public IP

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

256 kbps upload and download speed


Supports H.235 AES 128-bit encryption and SSL 128-bit encryption


Toll free help desk support