Managed Services Conference Infrastructure Outsourcing

Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.’s conference infrastructure outsourcing offers high-quality managed services that provide you with performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for your conferencing environment. Resolve will ensure a more consistent and reliable end-user experience while lowering internal technical support costs.

Resolve completely monitors and manages your conferencing network. We provide scheduling and real-time support for all conferences at any time. We ensure that your entire network is performing optimally by proactively monitoring all devices from end-points and bridges to gateways and network infrastructure.

Our skilled, dedicated team of professionals is adaptable to every conferencing environment ensuring your internal staff remains focused on other company priorities. With Resolve as your outsourcing partner, you will be able to allocate resources effectively and accurately set monthly and yearly budgets.

Resolve’s managed services will result in increased end-user satisfaction and additional service usage while lowering your total expenditure. Detailed network and usage statistics allow you to measure the success and
ROI of your network infrastructure.

Contact one of our experts for a comprehensive analysis of your outsourcing requirements.