Audio Conferencing You Can Count On

At Resolve Collaboration, we believe that affordability shouldn’t mean lowering your standards. That’s why we provide first-class Audio Conferencing solutions that deliver high quality sound, are quick and easy to use, and meet your budget.

Our Audio Conferencing is perfect for everyday meeting solutions, whether you are hosting weekly team meetings or connecting with clients around the world. We know you can’t afford to waste time fussing with equipment or networks, so we offer our complete support, assuring you a hassle-free experience every time. For your added convenience, we will provide local and international access numbers so your distant participants can dial-in and have the same call experience without incurring long distance charges.

No special equipment required. No lock-in contracts. Unlimited amount of participants via landline or mobile.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

  • Saved Money - Reduce costs associated with travelling between meetings
  • Increased Productivity - Less time spent traveling, means more time for more important things
  • Going Green - Lower carbon emissions... Every bit helps!
  • Accessibility - No cumbersome equipment necessary; all you need is a phone

Resolve Collaboration Makes the Difference
  • Lifelike Sound Quality - Consistantly delivers clear, spacious sound for every teleconference
  • On-demand - Launch a call any day any time. Your dial-in numbers and passcodes are available 24/7
  • No Contracts - When you need it, we’ve got it. We strive to meet your needs, so we rely solely on your continued satisfaction
  • Personalize It - We will personalize your dial-in voice prompt with the name of your company for that extra professional touch
  • Track and Manage - Our Account Management Portal enables you to track your staff usage, update your accounts and configure each call as you see fit
  • Complete Support - We provide end-to-end client support including weekly training, live support and concise “how to” guides at no additional cost