1. "We have been most satisfied with the services provided by the representatives of Resolve Collaboration. The nature of Committees is such that we are often booking videoconferences at the last minute and changes occur throughout the process. At all times, there is a short turn-around in response to our calls / emails and the efficiency of the confirmation system is most appreciated as we must also provide our technical staff and participants with locations and contacts. Resolve has always been an excellent and valued service provider and we look forward to our continued business with them.”

2. “Since we began our International Videoconferencing Rounds between Canada, Israel Jordan and Palestine, Resolve has consistently delivered exceptional quality and service. Your ability to delivery true international communications regardless of time zone or location is unparalleled.”

3. “You have set a level as to which others may find it hard to compare, and based on this we plan on using your services in the future.”

4. “Most importantly, by holding the conference via video and web, we increased our international participation in the developing world dramatically and at the same time avoided the use of 300,000 lbs of carbon that would have been required to fly people to Vancouver.
I think all of the participants were proud of this achievement. Thanks again for helping to make this event such a success.”