Name: Michael J. Levesque
Role: CEO / Director of Customer Solutions
Experience: Michael started as an entrepreneur at the age of 7. His first job was delivering newspapers for the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. He grew his vast newspaper empire from 14 customers to over 60 by time he was 11. In high school Michael discovered an interest in theatre and became involved in lighting and sound production after he was unable to summon the courage to actually audition for a role. After high school Michael worked for a chain of nightclubs as the in-house audio, video, lighting and occasional pyrotechnics manager. Having avoiding losing any limbs to pyrotechnics he left the nightclub industry to pursue a certificate in Computer Programming Applications from Ryerson University. He joined the videoconference industry over 12 years ago and has worked for Vector Video Conferencing, V-SPAN and The Video Technology Group and is currently the CEO and founding partner of Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.



Name: Peter Matsumoto
Role: Chief Engineer of the USS Resolve
Experience: Level 80, Human Mage A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away… Peter mastered his kung-fu at Sheridan College in the way of Telecommunication. It was not until he joined the Vector Video Conferencing Clan in 1998, did he learn the ways of Video. Soon the Vector Clan was renown through the lands as the best conferencing provider and it went international by joining and becoming V-SPAN. Shortly after V-SPAN, Peter became a Ronin, a samurai without a master, he soon found his skills were required at the rival Adcom/Telus. It was during this time that he met a new master, Enunciate Conferencing, whom wooed him with prospects of starting yet another new clan. Peter helped to build the foundation for the Enunciate machine, which was envied by all and eventually acquired by Premiere Conferencing. Soon after Peter joined forces with ACT Conferencing to take on the world on a global level. Knowing that his heart was with his original clan, he reunited with part of the Vector crew and started Resolve Collaboration and so starts the adventure…



Name: Gordon Phillips              
Role: Chancellor of the Exchequer
Experience: Auto, Fast Food, Nuclear and Telecom  (alphabetically, not chronologically).  The 16 year industry veteran discovered videoconferencing when systems cost as much as a small house in Toronto.  So he bought one and rented instead.



Name: Dean Garrard
Role: Broadcast Manager and Senior Technician
Experience: 10+ years in the multimedia field (owner video / audio production company, computer graphics and animation designer, music production and composer and computer technical support) 7 years in the telecommunications field



Name: Simon Fortin            
Role: Operations Team Leader
Experience: 10 years in Video services such as call launching, monitoring tech support and Customer service. Possesses certified technical training.



Name: Carl Anthony        
Role: Senior Sales Manager
Experience: Carl possesses over 15 years of sales leadership with a constant focus on the client experience. His passion for success is matched only by his tenacity for finding solutions to client challenges.



Name: Clint Singh                                           
Role: Sales



Name: Razina Rahman    
Role: Accounting
Experience: Graduated 2003 in accounting and has been doing this ever since.



Name: Scott Burt                    
Role: Operations/IT
Experience: 3+ Years Software Development, 3+ Year Video Conferencing Services. Scott is a jack-of-all trades in IT and is always looking to solve problems.

Name:Kyle Krystal                 
Role: Webcast Producer